"Call of Fame"

Lineup of Legends

The "Call of Fame" hosted by The Bull Riding Hall of Fame welcomes the legends!

You'll hear from some of the all-time greats in the exciting interviews and discussions. Listen to the mindset as the greats talk about what it really takes to be a champion.

The "Call of Fame" is a live show, real conversations every bull riding enthusiast will enjoy. You'll also be updated with the very latest Hall of Fame news and announcements.

The show is also found on podcast on iTunes.

The lineup includes:

Season 1: Donnie Gay, Larry Mahan, Matt Austin, Ted Nuce, Harry Tompkins, Gary Leffew, Leon Coffee, Bobby Berger, Terry Don West, Jack Wiseman, Jerome Davis, Denny Flynn and Skipper Voss. 

Season 2: Rob Smets

Rob Smets

5 Time World Champion - 6 Time NFR -
9 Time PBR World Finals Bull Fighter

"#1 - You can never be in too good of shape.
#2 - You can never be too polite."

Rob Smets

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show 
with Rob Smets

The Kamikaze Kid! Rob Smets is a champion in and out of the arena. Known for his athleticism, toughness and innovative techniques , Rob shares many of the highlights of his legendary career. 

Skipper Voss

World Champion Bull Fighter and Only Bull Fighter to Work the NFR and IFR

"I wanted a place to belong,
I wanted the rodeo community."

Skipper Voss

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Skipper Voss

Skipper Voss is regarded by many to be one of the best bullfighters ever...Some would say "the greatest."

Skipper is the only bull fighter to work both the NFR and IFR. He's known for his athleticism in the arena along with his uncanny bull savvy.

Denny Flynn

10-Time NFR Qualifier and
3-Time NFR Bull Riding Champion

"Don't take it for granted...
Enjoy the moment."

Denny Flynn

From the adversity to the legacy, Denny Flynn has undeniably earned his place among the all-time greats.

His history making 98 point ride to being a 3-time bull riding champion at the National Finals Rodeo, Denny Flynn is a bull riding legend and one of the most popular icons of the sport!

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Denny Flynn

Jerome Davis

1995 World Champion Bull Rider

"Stay positive, no matter what it is good or bad.
Find the good. Life is what you make it."

Jerome Davis

Jerome Davis is the 1995 World Champion Bull Rider, he's a true champion in and out of the arena!

You can never underestimate the heart of a champion and Jerome is an inspiration of what it means to live life to the fullest.

A friend to all and a hero to many, Jerome epitomizes the cowboy, never give up, way of life!

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Jerome Davis

Bobby Steiner

1973 World Champion Bull Rider

"I never thought that my dream
was not going to come true."

Bobby Steiner

The Steiner family, the Steiner rodeo company, the Steiner ranch and the XS brand are legendary in the rodeo world. 

The Bull Riding Hall of Fame is excited to welcome 1973 World Champion Bull Rider, Bobby Steiner, to the "Call of Fame" show.

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Bobby Steiner

Jack Wiseman

4 Time World Champion Bull Rider
4 Time World Champion Steer Wrestler
3 Time All-Around Champion

"Do what you enjoy...I did what I wanted to do."

Jack Wiseman

11-time World Champion Jack Wiseman

Jack shares stories of his phenomenal career that spanned 5 decades! 

One of the toughest all-around competitors the sport of rodeo has ever known along with being one of the true gentlemen of the game. 

Find out the one thing that Jack is the most proud of from his career.

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Jack Wiseman

Terry Don West

5 Time World Champion

"Life is short...Live your dreams." 

Terry Don West

5 time World Champion Bull Rider, Terry Don West, lays it on the line about his phenomenal career. Listen in as Terry Don talks about who his role model was as a young rider. 

Terry Don also talks about his matchups with the notorious, Bodacious.

An informative and exciting discussion with the only bull rider to win world championships in both the IPRA and the PRCA as well as the only bull rider in  history to win 2 world championships in the same year!

Terry Don West, a bull riding legend!

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Terry Don West

Gary Leffew

1970 World Champion 

"I realized everything that was happening to me was self induced and all I had to do was reverse the way I was thinking."

Gary Leffew

Gary Leffew shares insights into his phenomenal bull riding career. He won the 1970 National Finals Rodeo Bull Riding title along with the 1970 World Championship.

Gary talks about how he "had adventure in his soul."

Listen as Gary tells how positive thinking, visualization and winning environment took his life and career to higher levels.

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Gary Leffew

Larry Mahan

6-time All Around Champion and 
2-time Bull Riding Champion

Larry Mahan

"Every day you have to work harder and do the best you can do to make tomorrow better than today."

Larry Mahan

Larry Mahan is a 6-time All Around World Champion and a 2-time Bull Riding World Champion. His innovations and contributions to Rodeo are legendary.

His colorful personality and dedication to the sport launched a new era in the popularity of Rodeo. The levels of success that he achieved are phenomenal, both in and out of the arena. 

The "Call of Fame" show with Larry Mahan is an hour of fascinating stories and fun with a Rodeo and Bull Riding hero!

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Larry Mahan

Bobby Berger

Rodeo Legend

Bobby Berger rodeo legend

"I saw it in my mind that I deserved to
be a world champion."

Bobby Berger

Bobby Berger is a rodeo legend and one of only four men that have qualified for the National Finals Rodeo in all three riding events.

Listen to Bobby as he talks about how his book "Basic Bullriding" came about after an injury. He also talks about how his mindset played a big role in his becoming a champion.

Listen the "Call of Fame" show
with Bobby Berger

Leon Coffee

Legendary Bull Fighter,
Performer and Personality

leon coffee bull fighter and rodeo personality

"I learned to be funny because I had to hide the mistakes I was making fighting bulls."

Leon Coffee

Leon Coffee has been a star of the show at the National Finals Rodeo in four different decades! What a phenomenal career he's had!

Listen to Leon as he talks about the advice he received from Rick Chatman that changed his bullfighting career. Also, Leon talks about who his heroes were when he was starting out. So many great stories are part of Leon Coffee's career in and out of the the rodeo arena. 

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Leon Coffee

Harry Tompkins

5 Time World Champion Bull Rider, World Champion Bareback Rider
and 2 Time All Around Champion 

"I just rode horses and bulls...it was easy for me to do and I did it as good as anyone could do it."

Harry Tompkins

Mr. Harry Tompkins is one of the greatest rodeo champions ever and a true legend.

Listen as Harry talks about his traveling partners, Jim Shoulders and Casey Tibbs.

Find out why Harry didn't wear chaps when he rode bulls. Harry Tompkins is one of the all time legends in bull riding history and The Bull Riding Hall of Fame salutes his legacy.

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Harry Tompkins

Ted Nuce

World Champion and
Olympic Gold Medalist 

ted nuce olympic champion

"I had HUGE passion. I loved riding bulls
more than I loved life."

Ted Nuce

Listen to Ted Nuce as he talks about his phenomenal career.

Find out what Larry Mahan said to Ted when he was just starting out and what other two role models that he admired. Find out how he would maintain a positive attitude when he was getting his "butt kicked." 

Ted names the #1 priority in bull riding as well as gives advice to young riders.

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Ted Nuce

Matt Austin

2 Time World Champion 

matt austin

"I rode bulls because I truly love to do it, it wasn't about the money for me...I did it because I loved it."

Matt Austin

That's right, listen to 2-time Champ of the World, Matt Austin, on the "Call of Fame" show talk about his championships and his winning mindset. Find out what he'd tell himself going into the event that gave him that extra drive to win. Also, listen to his POWERFUL testimony of sitting in a hotel room and the night things changed around for him personally. 

You'll never look at a tarnished buckle the same after hearing Matt's story of how the Lord had a calling on his life.

Listen to the "Call of Fame" show
with Matt Austin

Donnie Gay

Legendary 8x Champion 

Donnie Gay 8x Champion Bull Rider, Donnie Gay The Bull Riding Hall of Fame

"Ride the bull to thrill yourself and the rest will take care of itself."

Donnie Gay 

Donnie Gay 8x World Champion Bull Rider spends one hour with The Bull Riding Hall of Fame Co-Founder, Bill Putnam and listeners sharing stories of his mentors as well as his phenomenal career. 

Hear the inside stories of the advice his father gave him before leaving home as well as the timeless advice from him brother, Pete. Hear what Donnie thinks are two things that today's bull riders should learn.

Listen to the "Call of Fame"
Show with Donnie Gay



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