"Broken" Cowboy

by Christy
(Washington State)

His Glory Years!

His Glory Years!

My husband rode bulls for 18 years in the IPRA for 4 and the other 14 as a tri-state association member (Oklahoma,Kansas and Missouri) He just turned 45 and even after three neck fusions, a total knee revision, a total shoulder replacement and arthritis that would put down Godzilla everyday he thanks God and Rodeo that today there are groups like this that recognize not only the pain, the long times from home and the sport itself, but mostly the men who did it, lived it and loved it! His Orthopedic Surgeon told him recently after an ulnar nerve transplant he admired him and others like him more than any professional athlete! But then said I am sad to say it this way but.....your broken!! My husband laughed and said "Well Doc fix me and I promise you if you fix me good enough I will drop into the shoot and do it all over again!"

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