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2019 Inductees

The Bull Riders

Butch Kirby

Charlie Sampson

Bobby Steiner

Jerome Robinson

Ken Roberts

Bobby Berger

Cody Custer

The Bull Fighters

Leon Coffee

The Legends

Beutler Rodeo Co.

Jerry Gustafson

The Bulls

161 Speck

Video by Cody Jones

Welcome to The Bull Riding Hall of Fame!

It's an 8 second ride of which legends are made...

An athlete matching skills with a ton of raw power with cat-like agility.

Whether you're a bull rider or a lover of the sport, you know there's not a competition in the world that's as demanding or as dangerous as bull riding!

Our great sport has a legendary history that is as colorful and rich in tradition as any sport in the world.

From the early days, champions have emerged and excelled. The legacies of these greats live today in the hearts and souls of bull riding lovers everywhere. 

Since it's beginnings in rodeo, bull riding has been the most exciting and popular of all the rodeo events. Along the way it has also evolved into a stand alone sport with it's own captivating identity.

It's undeniably a sport like no other!

(L-R) Cody Custer, Bobby Berger, Bobby Steiner, Charles Sampson, Butch Kirby and Don Gay


There's been a void, a vacancy in the sport that has remained empty. There's been a missing link...until now!

The Bull Riding Hall of Fame

The Hall is dedicated to recognizing and inducting the legendary individuals, organizations and animal greats that have made such a significant impact on the sport.

  • History
  • Legacies
  • Legends

It was destined to become a reality.

The time has come! 

To remember and honor those who not only paved the way for the riders of today, but have also set the standard of excellence that deserves it's place in history.

Our goals include the Hall itself which will house the inductee exhibits, accomplishments, photos, videos, personal effects and much more.

From the household names to the obscure champions, greatness deserves recognition in the bull riding world. This rich history must and will be preserved in The Bull Riding Hall of Fame.

The Bull Riding Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) incorporated, non-profit organization. It's through the supporters and sponsors that the Hall will be built, operated and maintained. 

The BRHOF recognizes, acknowledges and appreciates our members, supporters and sponsors.

Catch the vision and join in celebrating bull riding greatness. 

As a Annual Member, Lifetime Member, Sponsor, Memorial/In Honor Donor, or Friend of the Hall Supporter, it's your nominations and votes that will determine the inductees into the Hall. 

Together we're celebrating the legends and legacies of the all time greats.

Every major sport in the world has a Hall of Fame. Now, the great sport of Bull Riding has one too!

Ladies and Gentlemen, bull riding fans young and old alike... 

Welcome to The Bull Riding Hall of Fame!

"Champion Lane Frost" bronze by Chris Navarro, Photo: David Hardage



Celebrating the Legends and Legacies of the
All-Time Greats

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